Trained in Beverly Hills by some of the best lash artists, Vincent has taken his expertise in the art of lashes, brows and airbrush makeup artistry and now offers lash extensions, lash perming as well as lash tinting in his Kensignton London location.

He has sourced the finest lash extensions available allowing your lashes to not only look luxurious but feel comfortable too.  He doesn’t believe in plastic faux lashes and offers two types of beautiful lash materials.  He uses the newest Russian Volume 3D-6D techniques offering you a beautiful full volume lash look.

Silk Eyelashes

Silk lashes offer a beautiful deep black finish to mimic mascara while also appearing glossy and are very comfortable to wear.  Vincent believes in using very thin individual lash strands and building up volume so the lashes appear real and feel softer than your natural lashes. Silk lashes are applied in either a classic 1 to 1 lash ratio or a 3D Volume type set for ultimate volume.

Siberian Real Fur Mink lashes are the finest material you can apply for lash extensions.  Each strand is hand curled, soft to the touch and has a feathered end which gives the appearance of full fluttery lashes.  Siberian Real Fur Mink lashes offers a more natural appearance while also giving you a fuller darker look.

Eyelash Perming using the Beverly Hills Lash Lift technique.  Unlike traditional eyelash perms Vincent uses a root lifting technique to give you longer more fanned out eyelashes.  The results last up to 2 months.

Eyelash tinting is available using approved safe eyelash dye from medium browns to the deepest blue blacks.